I Love Papa

The program made him popular because of the way he narrates every story. It is very entertaining and very exciting. Every story came to life because of him. This is the main reason why it gained so many fans all over the Philippines and even Filipinos who lived in other countries. Every week many fans tune in order to hear new stories about love, life and hope.

The program is still going strong because of the support of fans. There is always a new story and lessons to learn. Like all stories, some are happy ending and some are not.
Some seeks advice and others just want to share their experiences in life. These things made the program the number one radio program every weekend in the Philippines.

Another thing fans like about the program are the songs played in every story. The songs are uniquely picked in order to match the story. Some who wrote their story requested their favorite songs and Papa Dudut will grant their request.

Barangay Love Stories will surely be on air for a very long time because there are many listeners who support this program. Fans are hoping that there are more stories to be read and inspire the life of every listener. Papa Dudut will not let us down.


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