Love You

I Wanna love you is a name suggest is a love song sung by Akon, the Senegalese born American Hip Hop singer. This is the second single by the singer and also features Snoop Dog, I Wanna Love You is a single form his album Konvicted. Akon is a Senegalese born Hip Hop singer and songwriter currently based in United States. This is Akon's first number one single in the billboard and for Snoop this is his second number 1 song at the billboard. I Wanna love you is a censored version of the song which had a different title earlier, in this song Love has replaced other words. This song was performed live at the American Music Awards in the year 2006. This song was originally made by Piles; he is an upcoming rapper from Ft Myers in Florida, but later on due to some reasons he was replaced by Snoop Dog to work on the song.

Originally when the song came out under another title, and this generated huge controversy which forced a change in the title. However most of the elements of the songs remained as was in the original, only the world fuck was changed to love to make to deal with the controversy. Other then this certain words in the lyrics that were found to be not fit for younger audiences was also removed from the content. The video of the song is shot very well and it revolves around the character of the song who notices a stripper in a strip bar doing her work Both the character and the stripper notice each other, get attracted and wish to be together with each other.

Though Piles was the original writer of the song, he was replaced by Akon later on with Snoop Dog. The main reason behind this is the fact that Piles was arrested for illegal possession of gun. Two of his close people were further charged with attempted murder in a shooting that broke out in a Nightclub at Florida. Though Piles was released on bail, but this had a heavy impact on his work and was consequently replaced by Snoop Dog in the song. Akon is one of the most popular artists in the Hip Hop scene today. He released his album Konvicted and this album was made in collaboration with Snoop Dog, Styles P and Eminem. This album which contains the song I Wanna Love You made its debut at number 2 in the Billboard.

The I Wanna Love you and other songs of the album have gone on to become chart topper at many places worldwide. On the whole the album Konvicted is a good blend of music of different types. The album has Hip Hop songs, Rap, R and B and Reggae which reflects his African origin and roots. The album has recorded a sale of more then 2000,000 copies and that too within the first week.

Wallpaper Love

Why be happy to go
I tepis away quietly with folded hands in the dark
while not a few
I caught my foot moves left to anticipate
in the limit of desire to protect
I love to bake wailing in pain
especially with the honest and sincere I love the picture
I hit the answer is not yet revealed
at the end of my time entangled
awaiting word from the heart

of the image corresponding to the above shows the actual meaning of the word love

I Love Papa

The program made him popular because of the way he narrates every story. It is very entertaining and very exciting. Every story came to life because of him. This is the main reason why it gained so many fans all over the Philippines and even Filipinos who lived in other countries. Every week many fans tune in order to hear new stories about love, life and hope.

The program is still going strong because of the support of fans. There is always a new story and lessons to learn. Like all stories, some are happy ending and some are not.
Some seeks advice and others just want to share their experiences in life. These things made the program the number one radio program every weekend in the Philippines.

Another thing fans like about the program are the songs played in every story. The songs are uniquely picked in order to match the story. Some who wrote their story requested their favorite songs and Papa Dudut will grant their request.

Barangay Love Stories will surely be on air for a very long time because there are many listeners who support this program. Fans are hoping that there are more stories to be read and inspire the life of every listener. Papa Dudut will not let us down.

I Love You

Still I get and I feel
Atmosphere and peace of mind
But when he's time to go
I stand without a shadow of those who will accompany

I can still amuse myself
To do a better tomorrow
Without a pang of doubt
But when it's time to go
Is there still a chance for me to cleanse the soul and heart

I can still hear and feel
With a soothing voice
to erase the disappointment and regret